I'm going to the border

Muizenberg, Cape Town- South Africa

Hello guys! and welcome to my new south african readers!
well, as you know i'm living in Cape Town now and I get amazed from every minute that i'm here 
we were visiting yesterday in Muizenberg, another beach- side subrub of CT. Muizenberg considered to be the birthplace of surfing in South Africa and is currently home to a surfing community. the lifestyle here is unbelievable, you wake up to a view that's blowing up your mind, there's too much to see and so much to do, you can go outside and feel the vibe's that flow all over Cape Town. And you have to know my friends, I update my Instagram very often and write more details about every place that I stay, I would love if you follow me there!
have a lovely week and enjoy life.

Would you still love me the same?

Camps Bay Cape Town\\ South Africa


Another day in this incredible city, i'm in love with everything that I see and with this feeling of being here, Cape Town you are amazing and I enjoy from every minute that i'm here. those photos taken in Camps Bay beach today. follow me on Instagram guys! @myfworld

Meet South Africa- Hello Cape Town

  עברתי לגור בקייפטאון שבדרום אפריקה, אחד המקומות הכי יפים בעולם! ישראל היא ללא ספק הבית שלי אבל 
   הגיע הזמן לגוון. אני קמה בבוקר, רואה את הר השולחן והיום שלי מתחיל מדהים. הכל פה כ"כ שונה מהארץ ואני ללא ספק רוצה לשתף אתכם בהכל ולפרסם כאן תמונות מהעיר מהממת  
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מלא נשיקות מדרום אפריקה!!

Clearest Blue

                                                          Pics by: Benny BrigaMay Levy

links to my outfit
Sunglasses- KOMONO by Mika 
Top- CNDirect

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Hey everyone
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Right Place Right Time

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