Trippin' on skies, sippin' waterfalls

                                                               Pics by: Benny BrigaMay Levy

Hey guys how you doing?
how's that possible that my blog is like really dead but it has so much views :O I mean, i dont post here like for one year but still never had that much visitors ♥♥ 
well yeah, like you can see I dont post that much anymore, but hey you can still follow me up on IG and add me on FB!
i missed my blog so much and so do you 
im really thinking of coming back hey


IG @myfworld \\ Maya Levy

Take me back to golden horizons


                                                               Pics by: Benny BrigaMay Levy

מכנסיים- פוראבר 21
משקפיים- פראדה
נעליים- זארה 

Pants- Forever 21
Sunglasses- Prada
Boots- Zara

Hout Bay